1) What is TimeTableMate?

TimeTableMate is a useful software package for School/Colleges for creating timetables. TimeTableMate is ideal for creating timetables manually and automatically for room, tutor and class.

2) What is the inspiration to make TimeTableMate?

This software is made just because...the clash free timetable creation is too complex.

3) How can I make TimeTableMate software fully functional?

After paying cost of this software, you will be given User ID and a Registration/License Key. Enter your User ID and Registration Key in Register submenu given in Help menu on TimeTableMate software. For getting User ID and Registration/License key, please visit www.ktsinfotech.com.

4) How can I do initial setup of TimeTableMate?

For initial setup of TimeTableMate on your computer, you may use Setup Wizard that will be started automatically during first running of the program after installation. Alternatively, you may choose Setup Wizard from the Setup menu.

5) Why my program is not functioning after 25 days? How can I get Registration Key or License?

Evaluation period expires on 25 days from the date of installation. After paying cost of the software, TimeTableMate can be activated again by entering User ID and Registration Key that will be provided to you. To register TimeTableMate: click Help, click Register and then enter User ID and the Registration/License Key. For getting User ID and Registration/License key, please visit www.ktsinfotech.com.

6) What is name of TimeTableMate data file? Why this file is important?

<p>Name of the database file is TimeTableMate.mdb. This is an MS Access file containing every data entered in TimetableMate program. Normally it will be in the installed folder.

7) What is Backup Database?

You can Backup the data file using Backup Database option given in File menu. Backup Database is to keep a copy of the database file in another location of Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Pen Drive etc. Regular backup of the specified database is advisable. Therefore, even if computer crashes or database is corrupted due to power failure or other means, you can again run TimeTableMate program by opening backed up database file from the backed up location.

8) Why should I use Restore Database?

You need not select database each time you start TimeTableMate program. After the first installation, Database file in installed folder will open automatically. If you want to open another database like previously backed up database or database file from another location, then you will have to select it using Restore Database.

9) What is Compact Database?

Compact Database is to compact the Database as its name implies. Data file may happen to have irregularity, if you have done certain tasks like deleting old data, deleting category etc. Compact Database can rectify it. Compact Database may be done to speed up program, especially when Database size is more than 5 MB.