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Delete Old Data


Default Settings


Setup Wizard



This menu includes Submenus Delete Old Data, Default Settings and Setup Wizard.



Fig 4.1 Submenus of Setup

Delete Old Data

This menu is used to delete all Time Tables.

Fig 4.2 Delete Old Data

Default Settings

Here a property sheet dialog box will be provided which contains property pages such as General Settings page and Preference Settings page. The description regarding each page is given below.

General Settings Page          

General settings page contain information such as manual/automatic backup, manual/automatic compacting the database etc. It also contains the settings for bypassing the login screen and attaching the extension application to the TimeTableMate. General settings page is as shown in the Fig 4.3.

Preference Settings  Page      

Preference Settings page contains default background color settings, default time table style settings, time table format settings and a provision that allows the user to load all time table list on start up. Provision is there to set  the time table style you select from the list of available styles. Time table format settings include the provision for formatting the row headers, column headers and periods with font, font size and color. Preference settings page is as shown in the Fig 4.4. 


Fig  4.3 General Settings Page

Fig  4.4 Preference Settings Page

Setup Wizard

This will invoke the setup wizard. Setup wizard runs all the important settings screen in one place so that user will get a chance to update all the settings in less effort. Please note that if you click Cancel in any dialog box the operation stops with that dialog box itself.




       Fig  4.5 Welcome Setup Wizard